June 20
Chairback Gap Leanto, ME

What a day! We got up late because it was COLD! It was hard to get going. We didn't leave until 10:30. I think we are going over the hump today. We did over 1500 feet of climb in 4 miles and didn't flinch. We also voluntarily went ahead 3 miles from where we had planned to camp which included a climb of about 600 feet. Didn't phase us! The climb to Chairback Mountain was straight up over large talus boulders. Only the picture can convey that climb! This shelter is at the top of the mountain between 2 peaks. It just started raining but the temp is up. A NOBO, trail name Sunstroke, is with us tonight.

We had to cross a calf deep river today. We met a thru hiker from 96 from Montreal there. He let us leave our trash at his car.

Partly cloudy all day. Very nice. We had spectacular views from Chairback.

The Pie Lady has a note tacked up here. She has Strawberry-Rhubarb! And Blueberry! Monson in 3 days. We have gained 2 days on ourselves.

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