June 22
Wilson Valley Leanto, ME

Good day. We got away at 7:20 and had a 10.1 mile walk. We went over Barren Mountain with an old fire tower frame. One ledge had the best view yet. Pretty hard climb to here but it wasn't a bad day. We got here at 2:30. We wanted to get in early because it is supposed to storm tonight. 50% chance for tomorrow for showers.

We will push 10 miles to the road to Monson tomorrow, 2 days earlier than planned. Pie Lady better have the pies ready! We're hitting it early so we can get going early tomorrow.

So, tomorrow we finish the 100 Mile Wilderness. That will give us a total of 114.5 miles from Katahdin. Sam's trail zen: Embrace the bugs. We have begun Sam's AT Privy Rating System. More on that to come.

There is a train track .4 miles from here. Wonder if we will hear it tonight? The rain has begun.

This is our 10th day out. The routine is setting in. I wonder what it's like on the 50th and the 100th?

2 am: sounds like the train is coming through the shelter!

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