September 6
Danielsville, PA

Vivian and I drove up Friday night and Saturday (14 hours) to Danielsville and met Murray on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. He came off the trail at Little Gap. The day before, his Kelty Tioga frame broke again in exactly the same place it did north of Hanover, NH. That just happened to be at a point that Steady's parents were slackpacking them for several days and Kelty shipped him a new frame to Hanover. Cabela's, a humongous outdoor store on a freeway exit about 20 miles from Danielsville, was having a giant tent sale that weekend (in tents, not selling just tents). So Murray talked the camping manager into swapping the pack for him. They had no Tiogas so he paid $30 extra and upgraded to a Super Tioga. The first frame lasted 400 miles and the second one went 400 miles, so we will see how far this one makes it.

We stayed Saturday night in Kutztown. Murray wanted Mexican and we found a very good restaurant right in town, so he got his Mexican food fix and then the package store assuaged his lack of beer.

Sunday was the trip to Cabela's. We were going to leave Sunday evening to get started on the long drive and Murray was going to get in some miles, but he decided that it was okay if we stayed another night. So we stayed in Lehighton and ate at a very good Italian restaurant. We had brought a resupply box including a Tom's famous apple-raisin-pecan pie, Vivian's famous chocolate chip cookies (a LOT), and homemade brownies. He finished it all off by the second day back on the trail.

We had to do the whole trip in one day, so we got an early start and dropped Murray off at the Little Gap trailhead at 7 am. It was hard to see him walk on south up the hill, but the halfway point was coming up soon.

We took backroads to Harpers Ferry where we left off another drop box for food resupply.

Weird factoid: We drove in 14 hours what he will take about 74 days to walk.

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