Aerial Maps and Miscellaneous Items
Annual Reports and Quarterly Reports
Appraisal, Bonds and Etc.
Audit Reports & Some Annual Reports
Bound Books - Board of Directors
Cotton Ledger, Audit, LIFO, Sales, Balance Sheets
Cost Accounting 1924 - 1925 & Some Appraisals
Directors, Stockholders and Retirement Plans for Hourly Rate Employees
East Thomaston Mill Village
Financial Arrangements - Long & Short Term
Financial Statements, Finishing and Manufacturing Prices
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Plans and Drawings
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Rattlesnake Brand Catalogs
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Scrapbook of Govenor's Appreciation Award
Security and Exchange Commission Information
Spinning Wheel Magazine (Bound)
Spinning Wheel Magazine (Unbound)
State Resoultion  
Stock Quotations
Trade Publications, Newspaper Articles and Employee Booklets
Unclaimed Wages 1927 - 1955, Cotton Ledger, Financial Reports, Maps, Common Stock