How to Intonate Your Guitar>

How to Intonate Your Guitar


...playing in tune-is your guitar at fault?

I am often asked to repair a guitar that will simply not play in tune. Often the customer suspects a much larger problem than the one that actually exists. On electric guitars the problem is usually improperly set string saddles. For some reason many people canít seem to keep their little hands and screwdriver off of the screw adjustment on the saddles. You can fool with this but youíve got to know what youíre doing. I often find the saddles adjusted to the same length by some well meaning do it yourselfer. These saddles affect the individual string length . Hereís how to check if your guitar is intonated properly. Strike a harmonic on the 12th fret. Now play the note at the 12th fret and see if they match up. If you find the fretted note is flat then that means your string length is too long for that particular string. You need to shorten the length of that string by turning the screw on the saddle until the string plays in pitch. An electronic tuner is ideal for this. Do the opposite adjustment for a string that plays sharp. If you need help donít hesitate to give me a call. We only charge 15.00 for most guitar setups but this advice may enable you to do it yourself-only this time the right way! Now your guitar plays in tune. Doesnít that sound better? Now put a lampshade on your head and dance around the room a little..
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