We work on and have a passion for modern production vacuum tube audio

If you happen to have a modern production high end vacuum tube amplifier and it is having some issues fear not! we at Archangele Audio service the newer, high end vacuum tube amplifiers others tend to shy away from. These amplifiers are more complex then most vintage amplifiers and they use many solid state regulators, rectifiers and soft start circuits that most techs, who work on mostly vintage amps, never see. Have a Jadis with a loud hum in one channel? We have fixed this problem. Have an Audio Aero that keeps blowing fuses? We have fixed this problem as well. Amplifiers like these are very VERY high quality, very expensive to replace and always worth repairing. They are modern enough that they never need a total refurbishing as in a vintage tube amp. But, at times, components do fail in these amps. We are equipped to repair these big, beautiful amplifiers. So if you have a modern high end tube amp and don't want some inexperienced 'vintage tube amp' tech working on your high end modern tube amp, look no further! just call on us and we'll get your treasured amplifier back up and running again.

Jadis stereo power amp

A nice Audio Aero stereo power amp.

We also convert amplifiers using the 8417 output tube so that they can use the 6550 / KT88 output tube. Lack of availability of good 8417's is a real issue, so if you have an older pair of Quicksilver Audio power amps using the 8417, or any other amp using that tube, call on us to convert your amp so that it can use the 6550 / KT88. The power difference is minimal and the sound quality is just as good, and in many cases better! One word of caution. Certain modern production preamplifiers and amplifiers have proprietary components that are either not available or very hard to get. If this is the case, we will let you know up front.


Because many of these amplifiers can weigh over 80lbs, you may want to drop your amp off at our shop as opposed to shipping it. We are in the North Florida. Contact us and we will give you directions to our shop if you want to drop off an amp.

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