High quality silver interconnect cables and guitar cables


.....No system can sound it's best without high quality cables. We now offer high quality Guitar and HiFi interconnect cables in lengths from 1' to 20' using only the highest quality components like silver coated stranded oxygen free copper cable. Our cables use a two conductors surrounded by a braided shield. The signal is carried through the two inner conductors and offers a much better signal transfer and far less noise then conventional cables which use one inner conductor and the braided shield as the other conductor.

....This is especially important for guitar cables which are required to connect the small signal from the guitar to the high gain input stages of guitar amplifiers. With our guitar cables you will notice less hum and noise, especially when using high gain overdrive amps and effects. These cables do not exhibit as much cable microphonics or 'cable slap' normally associated with cheaper cables when the cable is dropped on the floor or bumped into a solid object. Our interconnects offer superior signal transfer and due to the higher conductivity of the silver coated stranded copper and low capacitance of the dialectric used. These cables exhibit only a fraction of the signal loss of standard cables, especially at the critical high frequencies. This is especially important if your cables are to be longer then 6'.



Interconnect cables. Male RCA at each end:

Made to order from 1' long to 20' long. Email for prices.


Guitar cables:

15'-0" .....$85.00

20'-0" .....$100.00


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