Vintage and non Archangele Audio Items we have for sale.


....This page contains things we have for sale and is updated on a regular basis. We accept checks, moneyorders, and paypal. check this page to see what we have for sale. Some of what we have here for sale may also be up for auction on Ebay. But, if you contact me prior to the auction end and are willing to pay the price listed here, I will end the auction early and sell it to you.

...Before amps are put up for sale, we perform a basic rebuild and make sure they run as good or better then they did when new. Every unit will have it's coupling capacitors, plate feed resistors, bias rectifier, and small under chassis electrolytic capacitors replaced. In most cases, the main B+ power supply capacitors will be replaced (unless they test out as in excellent condition). We ship the amp with a good set of tubes. Some may be vintage testing good, others will be modern production new tubes.. The bottom line is that we ship amps, preamps, and receivers in plug n play condition.

....Please read the description of the item and ask questions! I am really into answering any questions you may have. To me, there is no such thing as a dumb question! If you are unsure of something..ASK! Our goal at Archangele Audio is to give you an amplifier that will meet your needs and put a smile on your face whenever you use it. But, we can't do this if you don't let us know what you want and expect. As stated on other pages in this website, we do build custom amps. Give us your specifications and needs, and we will see what we can do to make your dream amp a reality.

Items currently for sale. Check back often for new items.

No vintage items for sale at present.

Two new SET amplifiers using a pair of 2A3's in SE parallel per power amp. 7.5 watts of class A power. Tubes used are one 5U4, one 6SL7 and two 2A3. The amplifiers use One Electron output transformers and are a zero feedback design. These are a really fine sounding pair of SET amps that really bring just about any music to life. These are built tough and are tested for at least 48 hours before shipping. This pair has been burned in for 72 continuous hours. Price for the pair: $1,450. Free Shipping to continental USA only. Due to weight and size, we do not ship these outside the continental USA.





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