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Welcome to my homepage. Here you'll find music, fiction, games, and other exciting stuff.

Who is Mel-o-rama? Search through this website, and you'll find out.

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Family - They say Family comes first, so here they are. They're so cute!

Music - Here you can find my very own music. I wrote it. I'll also link to other musical websites.

Fiction - Do you like stories?   If so, click here. I have some samples of stories I've written, and also links to some writer's resources.

Movies & TV - Who can get enough of this stuff? Here's a list of my favorite shows.

Actuaries - This is my career. What's an actuary? Click here and find out.

Games - I love games, puzzles, and the like.   This page includes links to chess and puzzle websites I frequent.   Warning - puzzles can be very addictive! Here I also explain Geocaching. Also, check out my Blob Chess page.

Math - Many people run away from math.   Not only do I love math, I love to make it fun for others.

Religion - Here's one subject I'm not afraid to talk about.   As a Mormon, this subject comes up all the time.   See what I have to say.

Mel-o-rama Sightings - Do you think you've seen me on the web or on the road? Click here and find out.

Featured Links:

I am now on YouTube. Check out my music videos.

Permutations - An mp3 I created of my master's thesis - an orchestral work with piano - four hands. Listen to it a couple of times, and it'll start making sense.

Storm Etude - My very first attempt at orchestrating. Check out this experimental orchestral piece depicting a storm.

Now check out my Storm Etude music video!

The Magistical - A computer-animated full length theatrical film being produced in my town.

Analysis of Blob Chess - an analysis of a fun new chess variant. This paper won a Creative Contest award at Scheming Mind in 2007.

What's new?

2/14/2009 - Fiction: Added "A Turn-screw thlImqaH" (a Klingon Odyssey) and two chapters of "Escape From the Planet Justice". I also updated formats and links throughout the whole website.

4/14/2008 - Games: Added "How to Solve Slitherlinks" page.

10/23/2007 - Added "Storm Etude" link. Updated Movies/TV page. Updated Music page with new links.

8/25/2007 - Added "Mel-o-rama Sightings" section. Chess: added an analysis of Blob Chess.

8/18/2007 - Added Movies & TV section. Added Favorite Links section.

7/14/2007 - Fiction: Added more chapters for "The Silver Lining," and removed the link to the first draft. Added Sam McAtry.

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