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Pomme de Terre Lake 

Pomme de Terre Lake is a 8000 plus acre Corp of Engineer impound, on the Pomme de Terre River, approximately 50 miles north of Springfield, Missouri.  Known as the most consistent bass lake in Missouri, Pomme de Terre Lake also produces crappie and and several breeds of catfish in great numbers, along with a few Muskie.  Because of the larger lakes to the south of Springfield, and Truman and Lake of the Ozarks to the north, Pomme de Terre has remained largely under developed.

I stumbled upon Pomme de Terre Lake in the late 1980s while purchasing a boat from a dealer in the area.  I was so struck by the lake that I started making weekly fishing trips to the area.  In 1990 we (my wife and I) purchased a small cabin with a boat dock on the south end of the lake.  In 1996 my company, PPG Bimedical, decided to move its medical operations to Florida.   Florida was not for us.   So, we took a buy out.  Since I was now unemployed, I asked the wife what she thought about spending the summer on the lake. We never returned to Kansas City, and have been here ever since.  After years of keeping the door open to return to the city, We finally sold our house in Kansas City, last year, and made the move final. We have, since, remodeled the old cabin and added decks on three sides of the house.  Last year we added a much need master bedroom and second bath.   It is still little more than a cabin, but we like it.

It is a slow easy life here on the lake, and we enjoy it.  My guess is, we are here for the rest of our years.  So far, no regrets.



Zachary, Grandson of Rick and Edna Walters takes his first fish on a pond near Pomme de Terre Lake.   Is there any doubt in your mind that this "first fish" memory will be with this young man forever?  If you have a child or grandchild, this photo should be a vision to you.

Rick is Pastor Rick Walters of Galmey Church



Christen Larsen took this 48 inch Muskie the first week in August 2004 at Martin Flats.  It was no accident.   Christen was fishing for Muskie.  Christen is the step-daughter of Gary Pagel, one of the gentlemen who worked construction on my new bedroom/bath addition this last summer.



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Up the Pomme De Terre river about one half mile south of the PP bridge.


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