Whispering Woods Feists and Curs

This page has pictures of 2 of our Feists, CH. W.W. Justa Teeny-Bit Merry CGC HIC and W.W. Justa Teeny-Bit Chunky, and our first Cur, GR. CH. Amazing Sable CGC HIC, working a wild boar.

Note; HIC means Herding Instinct Certified. On 5/19/01, Teeny-Bit, Merry, Tawny and Sable were certified (on sheep) by an AKC herding judge. They are the only stock-certified dogs of their breed(s) that we are aware of. We beleive that baying hogs and herding are very similiar activities. None of these dogs have ever even SEEN a sheep prior to this test.

On 10/14/01 Surge and Amber competed in their first bay-off. At only 7 and 9 mos of age, they were both hot on it and made us proud earning SWBA points. Sable and Merry also earned points in their bay classes on 10/13/01.

Bayed Solid!

Pictures of Feists treeing

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